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Our Goals

The primarily goals of the Macedonian Institute for Cultural, Linguistic and Scientific Studies are to:

  • collect, analyze and catalog factual fragments of writing, books, letters, documents, or records which have been documented as ancient Macedonian;

  • creation of a dictionary, etymology and grammar of the ancient Macedonian language;

  • linguists to work on reconstructing the ancient Macedonian language based on the above research  and facts they come across, bringing this together to estimate what the language sounded like and what the missing pieces might be;

  • study the influence of the ancient Macedonian on current contemporary literary languages in South-East Europe;

  • involve cultural associations, community groups, linguists, educational institutions, municipalities, regional and central governments throughout the contemporary political nations of the former Macedonian Kingdom and Empire, to support and promote the language revival of the ancient Macedonian language;

  • creation of an academic project Inscriptiones Macedoniae (IM), with the aim to collect and publish a separate corpus with chapters of all known ancient Macedonian inscriptions, archeological artifacts or related to ancient Macedonia.

Fortune favors the bold!

Helios • Macedonian Institute for Cultural, Linguistic and Scientific Studies

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